Length of vehicle Ordinary Electric*
Up to 6,0 meters 286,- 200,-
6,01 - 8,0 meters 634,- 317,-
8,01 - 10 meters 862,- 431,-
10,01 - 12 meters 1022,- 511,-
12,01 - 14 meters 1180,- 590,-
14,01 - 17,5 meters 1289,- 645,-
17,51 - 19,5 meters 1452,- 726,-
19,51 - 22 meters 1649,- 825,-
Over 22 meters 1814,- 907,-

Other classes:

Length of vehicle Ordinary Electric*
MC / Moped (use manuel ticket booth) 108,- 54,-
Passengers, pedestrians and cyclists FREE -

Cars up to 6 m and under 3501 kg with trailer: 
(boat-, horse- og regular trailer, and caravan)

Length of vehicle Ordinary Electric*
Total length under 6 meters 286,- 200,-
Total length between 6,01 and 10,0 meters 572,- 400,-
Total length over 10,0 meters 858,- 600,-

All fares are in Norwegian kroner and include 12% VAT.

The prices in the table applies for payment by cash or by bank / credit card.
With use of valid AutoPASS-chip without agreement directly with Bastø Fosen you obtain 10% discount.
To obtain a 30% discount, you must have a valid AutoPASS-chip and in addition enter a separate agreement directly with Bastø Fosen, which involves advance payment of an amount determined by the  AutoPASS‐regulativ for riksvegferjesambandet Moss‐Horten (only in Norwegian)

See information about how to get discount here: Agreement with Bastø Fosen

* These prices apply to vehicles registered in the Norwegian Vehicle Register with fuel code 5 (electric) and fuel code 6 (hydrogen). Zero-emission vehicles that are registered in foreign vehicle registers must pay the ordinary full price if the vehicle's fuel class is not registered in its own routine. Registration is done at the chip issuer if you have a chip agreement or at www.autopass.no/ed if you do not have a chip agreement.

Other information / term:

  • Double fare for vehicles with a width of omore than 2,6 meters.
  • When the vehicle is over 6 m or over 3500 kg and has a trailer, the vehicle is assessed according to the total lenght including cargo. 
  • Any overhanging cargo/load, such as bicycle rack, must also be included in the total length.
     AutoPASS‐regulativ for riksvegferjesambandet Moss‐Horten (only in Norwegian)

Complete price list: PDF (143KB)